Mumbai Port Trust IT Initiative

Mumbai Port Trust has implemented various IT systems

Integrated Port Operating System (IPOS)

IPOS covers all the activities of Port operation. The system caters to Vessel, Port, Cargo, Container, Rail and Operation Resource activities in five modules. The activities comprises of all transactions at the Port including Vessel, Sheds, Gate activities, Import and Export processing, Container Stuffing and Stripping (de-stuffing), Cargo Receipt and delivery, Labour/Equipment Booking, Documentation, Resource Allocation, Rail documentation and operations and the terminal management.



Financial Management System (FMS)  

Financial Management System: The financial Accounting of Port is maintained by Computerized Financial Management System which is an ORION Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) which was procured through 3i Infotech Ltd. and customized as per the requirement of The Financial Management System captures the data like Accounts receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Transactions; Bank transactions provide required information viz. balance sheet, trial balance, general ledgers, cost ledgers etc.


3. Uncleared Cargo Sales System

The Sales branch mainly deals with the auction of the import or export cargo lying uncleared/unclaimed in the Port premises. Such cargo is sold by e-auction under the provisions of Section 61 & 62 of the Major Port Trust Act 1963. This forms an important part of the Port operations. To keep track of this process this application is developed in-house.

The details of uncleared/unclaimed cargo is merged as un cleared cargo (u/c) list into sales system from Cargo Module of Integrated Port Operation System (IPOS), for each and every uncleared cargo line a unique lot no. is given, notices are generated and sent to respective agent/parties for information, gazetting, advertising and inventories are printed and u/c details are sent to custom for Bill of Entry formalities. The lots with Bill of .Entry formalities over are put into final auction list. The delivery orders are given to bidders to whom lots are sold in the auction and then bills are generated as per Docks Scale Of Rates. Lots which are not sold are again put into auction sale as per cycle by the program section.


4. Provident Fund System

rovident Fund System: Provident Fund system covers most of the needs of P.F. Branch. System maintains the data of contribution of existing employees towards Provident Fund, Voluntary contribution and repayment of advances taken from P.F balance. P.F system calculates interest on balance of contribution of employees on every financial year and generates various reports like P.F. slip, P.F. Card, Intimation Letters, Department wise Broad Sheets.


5. Pension System

Pension system covers all the needs of Pension Branch. The system computes employees' post retirement dues. Pension System maintains details of various types of pensioners like Family pensioner, Ex-Gratia Pensioner, Ex-Gratia Family Pensioner. The disbursement is done through various modes of payment viz. ECS, SBI-Draft, SBI-Core Banking System & money order. Pension System has interfaces with other internal application like Financial Management System, Payroll Systems.


6. Integrated Material Management System (IMMS)

This system caters to the purchase requirements of stock and non stock items. The system allows online indenting of material, Annual Contract Management, Tender Management, Purchase Order Management, Goods Receipt Management, Material Inspection Management, Material Issue Management, online stock maintenance. The tender value, purchase order value etc. are calculated automatically in the system. All the items are codified in the system irrespective of its type i.e. stock or non stock item. System generates various reports like indent, recoupment memo, purchase order, acceptance letter, tender etc.


7. Letter Tracking System

Mumbai Port Trust has 9 departments and each department has multiple sections. It has operational relationship with numerous other organizations like government bodies, customs, railways, Corporations, labour institutes, legal bodies, organizations involved in shipping line, international port bodies etc. There is lot of to and fro written communication taking place between different departments and also with outside agencies.

The Letter Tracking System allows to keep track of such written communications. Once the letter is received or being sent, needs to be entered into the system for effective tracking. The system provides a full-fledged search where the user can search any letter either inward or outward on various parameters, viz. inward/outward no., date, Sender.s Name, Subject, Ref. No., Letter Type etc . The system generates various types of reports based on specific criteria.s like daily, periodic, received from or sent to specific departments or specific group, etc.


8. Complaint Monitoring System

Complaint Monitoring system is used for lodging the hardware complaints for Computers.


9. eOffice System

Mumbai Port Trust has implemented eOffice System during Lockdown Period.  Implementation of eOffice has reduced considerable time of movement of papers and has enabled better tracking of files.  It has also lead to paperless office to a greater extent.