Website of MbPT gives a vivid account of initiatives taken and the results thereof.

Submission of berthing applications on PCS

With a view to improve efficiency and transparency, the electronic submission of applications for berthing of vessels is made mandatory in PCS. This will reduce the hardships usually associated with submission of hard copy.  

(Circular No.TM/B-1/10 dated 20.06.2017).



Automated entry / exit of vehicles  

To eliminate human interface and congestion at gates, the process of entry/ exit of vehicles of cargo and passengers is being introduced to the Automated Access Control System by issuance of RFID tags.  

(Circular no. TM/HI(Access Control)/3003/ 2016-17 dated 11.03.2017 and Circular no. TM/HI (Access control) /3161 dated 31.03.2017)


3. Deployment of private manpower for handling of cargoes

For improving productivity and Turn Round Time of Vessels, the deployment of private manpower for handling of cargoes in Docks in case of short supply of OBL gangs by MbPT, is allowed by giving 50% rebate in the stevedoring charges. This will reduce the cost of handling cargo in MbPT as ships will not be idle on account of non-availability of manpower.

( Circular No. TM/S/1-CIRCULAR NO. 14 dated 30.06.2017)

4. Storage of import Gypsum at STP Open Yard

In view of demand of the trade, open area admeasuring 10,000 sq.mtrs. at STP Open Yard is notified for storage of import Gypsum under the provisions of Section 3.3(A)(II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates. The storage will be allowed for 150 days similar to that of pulses trade, valid for a period of one year and reviewed thereafter.

(Circular no. TM/D/4-3/03 of 2017-18 dated 19th April 2017 and Circular no. TM/D/4-3/05 dated 12th May 2017)


5. Issuance of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag to Vehicles entering Docks

A Pre-check point of 'J' Plot Grain Depot has been created in order to facilitate the trade for issuance of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, registration of vehicles, Drivers and Cleaners in the system, issuance of daily vehicle permit and Linking Driver/Cleaner with vehicle

(Circular no. TM/D/1-1/RFID/28 dated 16.10.2017)


6. For streamline interactions between the Importers, Customs Brokers and the Participating Government Agencies(PGAs) list showing Names and Contact details of Designated Nodal Officers of PGAs is uploaded at website